Patient Success Stories

Thais V

"I'm excited to share my experience at Dharma Clinic! With one semaglutide treatment, I lost 23 pounds! The team provided excellent support. Thanks to them, I achieved my weight loss goals safely!"

Ana P

"I am extremely satisfied with the progress of my treatment; I have already shed 18 lbs in 1 month"

Leo S

"Just wanted to express my gratitude to Dharma Clinic! Thanks to semaglutide treatment, I shed 45 pounds effortlessly! Thank you!"

Pedro R

"Dharma Clinic's tirzepatide treatment led to a 45-pound weight loss for me! Straightforward process, exceptional support"

Camila B

"Thanks to Dharma Clinic's tirzepatide treatment, I dropped 35 lbs! Smooth process, unwavering support. Highly recommended!"

Bruna R

"Lost 37 pounds with Dharma Clinic's tirzepatide treatment! Loving myself again! Love you Dharma!"

Monique B

"Lost an incredible 52 pounds with semaglutide at Dharma Clinic! Grateful for the seamless process and incredible support. Thank you, Dharma!"

Giovana R

"With Dharma Clinic's tirzepatide treatment, I lost 32 pounds! Easy to follow, and the team is very knowledgeable!"

Laudi O

"I'm loving the results and I highly recommend it. I eliminated 64 lbs. I did the treatment. I went from Size 14 to size 4."